Received from Chen Geng“The Chinese government agreed to purchase in small quantities after passing the testAPUproduct,After a period of trial、After confirming that there is no problem, it will be fully popularizedAPU”After the notice,Collins·McKenney and Calf·Robbins acted immediately。
Collins·McKenney quickly told Rawls·Royce’s board of directors submitted an application for resignation,Hope to leave Rawls·Royce。
AS Rolls·One of the most important experts of the Royce Group in the field of aero engines,Collins·McKenney’s application for resignation immediately alarmed the group’s board of directors。
Rolls·The directors of the Royce Group are wondering:You collins·McKenney did a good job,Why resign?Is it stressful at work?If it is stressful at work,It’s ok,The group can give you a long vacation;
Is there any difficulty at home??If you have any difficulties at home,This is okay,If you have any difficulties,The company tries to help you solve。
Facing the groupHRDepartmental retention,Collins·McKenney’s attitude is very firm,Expressed that I was tired of this job,Hope to try something new。
Although Collins·McKenney’s attitude is very firm,But Rawls·Royce obviously can’t let him go easily,at this time,Group Chairman Calf·Robbins stood up,He personally and Collins·After McKenney had some communication,Regrettably express to the group board of directors that only try to keep,But Collins·McKenney has decided to leave,People are determined to leave。
Also Calf·Robbins said,Collins·McKenney did not intend to go to Rawls after leaving·Royce’s competitors:General Electric and Pratt·Whitney takes office,But to join Fernandez·Mr. Chen’s newly established small aviation power R&D and manufacturing company,The reason for this choice,Because of Fernandez·Mr. Chen to Collins·McKenney promised that he could get this newly formed company20%Shares of,And give him an annual guarantee3010,000 pounds annual salary after tax。
20%Company shares,3010,000 pounds annual salary after tax……
Collins·McKenney’s current annual salary is pre-tax20Ten thousand pounds,The annual income after tax is approximately13Ten thousand pounds,This means that as long as Collins·McKenney went to Fernandez·Chen’s Company,His income is almost now2.5Times,If the company generates profit in the future,The annual dividend is also a lot of money。
Faced with Chen Geng’s huge cost of digging people,Rolls·In addition to expressing anger, the directors of Royce“How can Fernandez be like this?!”And sour“It’s great if you have money?”Outside,I already understand,Rolls·Royce can’t keep Collins·McKenney,This person is gone,But some people are still unwilling……
“Jazz,”A director asked:“Is there no other way to stop Mr. McKenney from leaving??Such as contract……”
The director hasn’t finished speaking yet,Calf·Robbins already understood what the other party meant:“Lane,I understand what you mean,I allowHRThe department carefully studied Collins·Mr. McKenney’s contract,Unfortunately,Us to collins·Mr. McKenney’s competition restrictions do not include Mr. Fernandez’s COMAC,and so……”
Shrug,Calf·Robbins said helplessly:“If Collins·Mr. McKenney insisted,Actually, we have nothing to do,Only in accordance with the contract,Ask Collins·Mr. McKenney completed the handover of work before leaving。”