10 medical and health units in Shanxi are recruiting society

  Original title: 10 medical and health units in our province May 14th Provincial People’s Social Security Institutions openly recruit information columns and the official website of all institutions, the applicant must log in to the above website to download and fill in the registration form, registration is divided into online registration or on-site registration, the on-site registration must be completed before May 16, the specific time See each employer recruitment announcement. Shanxi Evening News reporter learned that the Shanxi Bai Junne Hospital (Shanxi Medical Sciences) publicly recruits 133 staff members; 68 staff members of Shanxi Children’s Hospital (Shanxi Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital); Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University Open Recruitment staff 21 Name; Shanxi Provincial Second People’s Hospital publicly recruits 30 staff; 27 staff members of Shanxi Provincial People’s Hospital; 10 of Shanxi Cardiovascular Hospital publicly recruited 10 staff members, of which doctoral posts can be available from May to December. Online registration; Shanxi Vocal Hospital public recruitment staff, doctoral posts from May to December to register online; Shanxi Acupuncture Institute (Shanxi Acupuncture, Acupuncture and Macara, Shanxi Acupuncture Hospital) open recruitment staff 5 Name; Shanxi Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute (Shanxi Provincial Hospital) publicly recruited 34 staff members; 20 Shanxi Cancer Hospital (Institute) publicly recruited 20 staff. (Reporter Wu Jia).