Top Ten People Affecting Campus Love

Top Ten People Affecting Campus Love

Luo Dayou Luo Dayou’s song is the most upscale brand of love.

  His song is the most upscale brand of love.

In his love song, what we hear is not a confession of love, but a love proverb, a classic of true love.

From “Bright Days” to “Rolling Red Dust”, from “Love Songs 1980” to “Love Songs 2000”, from “Comrades in Love” to “Expression of Silence”, the “crossing hands” touched a whole generationThe vicissitudes of soul.

The long phrase that cannot be accompanied by karaoke seems to be a long footnote for the short love of modern people.

In fact, all the love songs of Luo Dayou are not just singing love, so all of his songs can be considered as love songs to sing Wang Jing. The love similar to the ancient and confusing world should be the faith of humanity!

  Movies are absolutely no less impacting on people now than when I was a kid. As a result, the love stories in movies often lead people, especially the new and new human beings.

  Wang Jing’s movies, martial arts films account for the majority.

But love is definitely indispensable in his martial arts films, and they are all the kind of love and hatred in the rivers and lakes.

Idol worship and good imitation are the biggest characteristics of our generation. Therefore, this kind of influence is more negative or more positive, and the society has been gradually endless!

  Zhu Deyong uses the most popular four-frame comics to interpret inexplicable lawsuits between men and women.

  The most popular form of four-frame comics plus Chinese-specific humor and command, Zhu Deyong walked in various media. He painted “Double Cannon” about marriage life before marriage, but painted single men and women after marriage”Vinegar tribe”.

The deformed figure, small head, big body, sour speech, and a woman who was always ridiculed by her husband made countless married women resentful but overjoyed. He said: “Marriage is a loved one for the futureCan hate him wholeheartedly.

“The single generation he said in” The Vinegar “is” the most beautiful, but not necessarily neat; loves the trendy, but not necessarily fashionable; loves to make money, but loves to spend money; loves truth, but loves desire more;Looking forward to love, but afraid of shackles . “Zhu Deyong completely affected the new generation of women, and many men were enthusiastic about it-to be honest.

  Child Cai Xunzi Cai gave this modern love a lot of interesting chews.

  ”First Intimate Contact” went from online to offline, and there were several versions. Women who rushed to buy were women who started as love pets, and later became slaves to love.The lowest IQ is also good.

  This story is very ordinary, but Xunzi Cai has given this modern love a lot of interesting chews, such as: “. If you pour out the entire Pacific water, it will not destroy the flame of my love for you.

Is all the water in the Pacific Ocean derived?


So I don’t love you.

“By borrowing the fashion of the E era,” First Intimate Contact “has become a symbol, a symbol, and a basis for identification.

Cuties + love + online language + sensational, it is interesting to read, but don’t take this love seriously, just like you can’t know if the cuties on the computer are sisters.

  Wang Shuo We know this is a trap, and we are willing to get into it.

  People who love Lu Xun always defend Lu Xun’s narrowness and ruthlessness. They always say, “Mr. Anatomy of the society is more ruthless, while analysing himself more.

When Wang Shuo laughed at all the noble celebrities, he even laughed at himself.

It is clear that Wang Shuo’s mind has no dedication and sublime, and tears will be made for his love sketches. Everyone knows that in Wang Shuo’s love story, love has never been the only life, the main consumption of knowledge, emotion and leisure.

In another solemn way of expression, in the hustle and bustle of earthly material desires, a drop of tears of love drips dust, and in the disintegrated “sublime and eternal” garbage heap, there is a wild flower of love swaying,Do not want to be destroyed.

We knew it was a trap and we went into it willingly.
Because we know that in fact all love stories are traps, just what Wang Shuoming said.

  Jin Yong Jin Yong’s love story is a fairy tale that soothes the tired souls of the elderly.

  In fact, like Qiong Yao, the love in Jin Yong’s writing is unrealistic. The reason why he did not abandon Qiong Yao in adulthood is because Qiong Yao’s love has found a burning substitute for the burning passion that cannot be achieved during adolescence.Therefore, American children who believe they can fall in love in their teens will not recognize Qiong Yao’s novels.

And Jin Yong’s love stories are fairy tales that soothe the barren souls of adults.

Forever about martial arts, or love, Jin Yong is a fairy writer.

So when Yang Guo, who was so desperate, jumped out of the blue water cold pool sixteen years later, and walked into the shack that is not dreaming, lamenting the mirror that time is easy to pass away, and Hua Fayi was born, a slim hand put on his shoulder: “Not youIt’s old, it’s my offspring.

“Reading this, how many readers’ hands the little dragon girl put on her mind, we will all believe the” eternal love “lie in an instant.

  San Mao San Mao was once the incarnation of wandering and love.

Legendary experience, legendary love.

It is only his own story that has come, but it has attracted the attention of countless boys and girls.She can write her love so much, so unreservedly, that she can even cry and cry in front of a boy she has always loved, begging and begging.

Let people know that it is not only the boy who chases the girl that is so emotional and so reluctant so easy.

  In fact, Sanmao’s pen is more about writing love after marriage, writing her and Jose’s story. The two hearts are intimate, day and night, almost every detail is romantic and warm.

  For example, they each have their own house, leaving enough space for each other, both love each other and respect each other.

In ordinary people and in actual life, the love after marriage is basically an illusion. Sooner or later, it ‘s rubbed and broken by trivial matters. It ‘s just to maintain the passion, but how can you dare to expect passion, and San Mao and Beard in the Sahara Desert?However, Jose lived a fairy-tale beautiful wedding life, as if they had been in love . This opened the eyes of the young people who used to read the book “The prince and the princess have lived a happy life ever since.”This looks like this after marriage!

Amazingly amazing and longing.

However, because San Mao wrote the life after marriage so well, it caused the suspicion of those who were married. They said that Jose was made up by San Mao. There was no such person and it was impossible to have such a person.Man, such a deified life.

San Mao committed suicide. No one has witnessed her love with Jose.

Perhaps, in the hearts of many people who like San Mao, they are always willing to believe that San Mao’s love is so beautiful.

Why not?

Why pass away the illusion of love in an already so mediocre life?

  Xu Zhimo Xu Zhimo’s love poems are harmonious in rhythm, novel in metaphor, rich in imagination, beautiful in mood, and elegant in thought.

Beautiful but not practical.

  Was awakened from his sleep again, the lute in the middle of the night!

  Whose grief, whose fingers, like a howling wind, like a heavy rain, like a falling flower, in the middle of the night, in the drowsiness of the night, stir the tight string, strumblingGongshang corner sign, in the middle of the night, the deserted street, the willow head has a residual moon hanging, ah, a half-round residual moon, like a broken hope, he wears a flowering hat, with an iron chain on his body,The road jumped like crazy, laughed like crazy, finished, he said, blow your lamp, she’s waiting on the side of the grave, waiting for you to kiss, waiting for you to kiss, waiting for you to kiss!

  I remember reading Xu Shi, when I was in junior high school. In the early 1990s, I was still very popular in writing love letters, and I always quoted a few sentences of Xu Shi and gave them to the girl who loved me.

  In the period of Xu Zhimo’s life, Xu’s poems can better highlight the author’s pursuit of freedom of marriage and pure love.

So often with a lot of wonderful reveries.

  Xu Zhimo’s short life has affected more than one generation of love?

  Zhang Ailing and Zhang Ailing’s love are only illusory and desolate.

  “在茫茫人海中,时间的荒野里,遇到该遇到的人,不早已不也不晚一步,那么也没有什么别的可说唯有轻轻的问一声‘哦,原来你也在这’。”I remember reading Zhang Ailing’s novels very much as a child. Although I didn’t understand love at that time, maybe I liked the desolation!

  Zhang Ailing is definitely a clever woman. In her pen, the characters’ love has no youth, fantasy, enthusiasm and hope, and some are only illusory and desolate.

Most are gradual but seemingly natural tragedies.

She dared not yearn for the boundless desolation and terror of the future, so she could only find refuge in a little joy in front of her.

  Zhang Ailing has seen through and appreciated the woman. Her perspective of a woman shows the weakest part of the woman’s heart. As long as this point is triggered, love is like an arrow off the string.

And this desperate end is the origin of all tragedies.

Man cannot escape the domination of lust, this is the humanity rule that Zhang Ailing found.

She often uses eroticism and irrationality to explain her failures and frustrations.

  Zhang Ailing’s novel is extremely exciting, and the love in her novel is also extremely exciting.

But this kind of excitement is not fun.

With her, you can’t escape the desolation of life and the illusions and sorrows of love itself. Those women who like to read Zhang Ailing’s novels, read more of her novels, and presumably will not let love have high fantasy, not wrongThe hostess’s blindness was taken away.

  Aunt Qiong Yao Qiong Yao is definitely the number one influential figure. Her love novels have shaped a whole generation’s view of love.

  It’s no exaggeration to say so.

Her protagonists are mostly princes and princesses, princes and civilian women, princesses and poor boys and other modern versions of love patterns.

In the old vernacular vernacular, such as “Every year is always with each other forever, and the hearts are carried by each other”, “Smog and rain”, “Being down and browing up,” and so on, there are many sentences in the vernacular vernacular from Qiong Yao’s book.From here, there is still “I am so sad, so sad!”

“” I hate it!

“Wait for” good “verbal words.

  In Qiong Yao’s writing, love is invincible. You can rely on it, you can trust it, you can create it, and you can even cry the ghosts and gods.

“As long as there is love, all difficulties can be overcome, and all dreams can be realized.”” This idea slowly but firmly penetrated the hearts of her readers, making them have high evaluations and expectations of love. In their hearts, it seems that the whole world is set for props and backgrounds for those beautiful loves.In fact, a person’s entire love is nothing but a tiny piece of dust in the world. Although it used to look like a clear diamond, it won’t be long before it will be polluted by the outside world or itself-this is its true destiny!!

When a young girl comes out of Qiong Yao’s story, the manager marries a wife and husband after one or more love affair, she will feel that she was cheated by Qiong Yao.

But thinking about the time when she was reading her book crazy, thinking about all the stupid things that were processed in love because of her influence, she still laughed, she just no longer believed-just didn’t believe it.