After repeated consideration,Li Tianzhen still gave up the urge to expose and punish the stalker,From the reverse perspective,Things get over、The more mysterious,Tends to stimulate curiosity,It’s better to be natural,Remember to be cautious,But not deliberately to cover up,This should be a criterion that we must pay attention to when working with everyone in the future。

Look at Sheng Guangda with a dull look,Li Tianzheng carried him back on his back,Slowly out of the woods,Then the pace suddenly accelerated,Away in an instant,Caught off guard,Rush,But only the fuzzy black spot in front disappeared suddenly。
Throw off the tail,Li Tianzhen can let go,He chose a very secluded place,Both summoned Qi Yun and two war puppets,His own spiritual consciousness entered Sheng Guangda’s mind along with Qi Yun,Guarded by two puppets。
The imprint left by Kampot is very clear,That is a weird formation similar to an octagon,Layers of ghosts are fanned out,Kind of like holding a hand of cards,These ghosts have a curved curvature,Wrap Sheng Guangda’s brainstem completely,The gray fleece blocks the mesh grid at the lower part of the brainstem,Directly lead to Sheng Guangda has been in deep sleep,Unable to wake up。
The god of mortals is hidden,So there is only one space,Eyes are full of brain structure,brain、Cerebellum、Pons、Brain stem etc.,All the human body’s perception and command centers are concentrated here,But once you practice supernatural powers,And reach the realm of the gods,Here will open up a new space,Just like Li Tianzhu’s sea of vitality。
Therefore,The imprint of Kampot’s consciousness will be so manifest,Qi Yun circled this octagonal formation,Thoughtful,He has healed three people,The exact same thing is familiar to him,Clean up fluff,The most direct and effective way to bombard the formation with elemental force,Can dredge the blocked blood,Awaken the wounded,It can also quickly sense the exact location of Kampot,But the disadvantages are also obvious,After the opponent is alert,Will soon change the hiding place。
“Can you make Kampot feel?,But not too alert?”
“Supernatural powers with a high level of cultivation have spatial awareness of every divine consciousness imprint,The stronger the mental power,The more sensitive,and so,Be cautious even if it is possible。”
“No problem,Anyway, three marks have been destroyed,Kampot has moved the nest several times,See if this is feasible,Remove most of the fluff first,Try his reaction?”
“You can try。”
Qi Yun urges the force,Shoot a small yellow halo from the palm,Lightly land on the octagonal formation,Then the palms are frequently rubbed and falsely shot,Invisible waves rushed to the fleece attached to the mesh structure,Quickly eliminate these seemingly dust accumulations。
When more than half is eliminated,The yellow halo suddenly became brighter,Qi Yun immediately sensed Kampot’s reaction,“This demon is fifty miles southeast,Moved a little further。”
“Can it be more accurate?”
“The new master means that after approaching in this direction,try again?”
Qi Yun is not wordy,Take another shot of a smaller yellow halo,And Li Tianzhen cuts off the consciousness,Take back the war puppet,Pick up Sheng Guangda and run,Based on his current cultivation,And occasionally use spatial means,Tens of miles in an instant。
“Five miles ahead!This guy seems to be alert,Fast moving!”