First0028chapter Contest in the warehouse

These days,Xia Jian leaves early and returns late,Very busy,No matter how tired this life is,He wants to go on,Because of this hard-won job,It was introduced by Old Xiao,He can’t do anything he says。
Loading and unloading in the warehouse,Not like work on the construction site,You can sit and rest for a while when you are done,So Xia Jian got used to it,Noon this day,Zhang Sangui who doesn’t care about him,I glanced at Xia Jian who was carrying boxes,Said coldly:“Kid,Work slowly,Do you like this,Will exhaust other brothers”
May be the reason for getting used to it,Xia Jian couldn’t help it anymore,He always thinks,Do it yourself,You can take a break when you are done,I didn’t expect this to endanger the interests of others。
Xia Jian put down the box in his hand,Be careful and tell Zhang Sangui:“Zhang Ge,I just arrived,Some things are not clear,How to do this job,You decide,I listen to you”
“Ha ha!I didn’t expect your kid to endure so much at a young age,And sensible,Then I won’t be troubled with you,Everyone discussed it,Let me give you some color,But you only need to hide this box of goods behind which pile of waste paper boxes,This matter is over”Zhang Sangui lowered his voice,For fear that others will hear。
Xia Jianyi listen,My face couldn’t help but change,What does this guy want?Is it because you want to steal this box?。
Zhang Sangui seems to understand Xia Jian’s thoughts,He stepped forward,Say viciously:“you guessed right,I just want this box of goods,But you still need to help”
Xia Jian always eats soft but not hard,Not to mention that someone forced him to do something like this,Even if you Zhang Sangui is strong,I’m not a vegetarian, Xia Jian,Thought of here,He stared,Staring at Zhang Sangui and said:“You got the wrong guy”
“You kid don’t be crazy,Pack you sooner or later”Zhang Sangui left such a sentence,Left angrily。
Something like this happened at noon,At work in the afternoon,Xia Jian also had more thoughts,He is afraid of Zhang Sangui’s revenge。This guy may be an old employee here,So popular,There are a few stalkers behind。
Near get off work,A friend of Zhang Sangui ran over,Talk to Xia Jian:“Brother Zhang is waiting for you,Just go there”
Damn it,A blessing not a curse,Misfortune cannot be avoided,It’s time to come,Xia Jian stood up,Follow who walks straight to the back of the cargo pile。
Behind the pile,Standing Zhang Sangui,This guy has a cigarette in his mouth,**Upper body,Warehouse powerhouse,No smoking,It seems that this guy is completely ignored,Behind him stood several people who usually follow him。
“Sure enough,But you offended me,It’s not easy to stay here,Because some things you already know”Zhang Sangui said,Slammed the cigarette butt to the ground,And then make another foot,The fire on the cigarette butt went out,Xia Jian feels like this cigarette butt,Will be trampled by Zhang Sangui。
Since it’s here,He is not afraid,Xia Jian asked:“What do you want?”
“Hahaha,readily,I am very quack,Solve the problem with your fist,you lose,No need to come back to work tomorrow,But can’t tell Manager Li,If i lose,I’ll get out”Zhang Sangui said,Shook his hammer-like punch。
A fool can see and understand,Zhang Sangui is forcing Xia Jian,How could Xia Jian beat him?。