Zhu Wunian is also full of energy,Smiled。

“Yes,Boss,Mr. Green Pheasant really helped a lot this time,Not only saved us two,Very much saved so many warriors in our sword city,I must build an ancestral hall for him in the future!”
Zhu Wushuang is also happy to see that the two brothers are not in trouble,Speaking of。
“Since you two are no longer in serious trouble,Then come to Zhujian City City Lord’s Mansion later,The city lord asked us to discuss something!”
Zhu Wuxie was surprised when he heard this。
“how,Old City Lord is out,That’s really a happy event!Waiting for us to change clothes!”
“Don’t ask more,Come here soon。”
Zhu Wushuang really didn’t say much when he heard this, only left one sentence and left in a hurry。
Zhu Wuxie, Zhu Wunian and Zhu Wushuang are old brothers for many years,Know him very well。Right now, I feel a little bit different about my brother。
Although they have doubts in their hearts,But we will meet again at the City Lord’s Mansion soon,I guess any older brother will tell me by then。
The two don’t think much,Changed clothes in a hurry,Rushed to the city lord mansion。
After the battle between Jiancheng and Qicheng,Hundreds of waste in the city。Zhu Wuxie and Zhu Wunian walked out of their homes towards the city lord’s mansion,I can see a few ruins from time to time。
The two can’t help but sigh。
Zhu Wuniandao。