Second shot = premature ejaculation?

Not necessarily!

It may be these reasons that lead to men’s “second shot”!

Second shot = premature ejaculation?
Not necessarily!
It may be these reasons that lead to men’s “second shot”!

This is a time when there is no general patience. The text message should be “seconds back”, the phone should be “seconds”, and the things to buy must be “second kill”.

But in this thing counted in “seconds”, there is only one person who is disgusted, that is, “second shot.”

The reason why everyone hates the second shot is nothing more than “it has ended before it has begun.”

Sexual love is emotional and lingering, but it’s gone when it’s just in the middle of the show?

It’s also a real talent.

According to a rough survey, 73% of people who have experienced a second shot suspect that they are premature ejaculation.

This result is a bit surprising, but is the second shot and premature ejaculation the same thing?

Is the second shot and premature ejaculation the same thing?

Here you can be very responsible to tell you that premature ejaculation and second shot is really not the same thing!

Definition of interval premature ejaculation: refers to the man’s erect penis just inserted into the vagina during sexual intercourse, or has just ejaculated when the vagina has not been twitched, and then the penis is weak and can not complete sexual intercourse.

Second shot: ejaculation is too fast, which means that ejaculation occurs during the duration of sexual intercourse, but the duration of sexual intercourse is short, it is difficult or impossible to make the partner reach orgasm.

Common premature ejaculation and ejaculation too fast are all ejaculation disorders in sexual dysfunction, that is, the stimulation threshold required for ejaculation is too low.

Popularly speaking, it is too “sensitive”, easy to “excite”, failed to effectively suppress the ejaculation impulse, and then “get out of the door”.

Although the two are often equal in clinical practice, strictly speaking, there are still differences between the two.

The cause of “second shot” 1, psychological factors are seriously afraid of their own performance is not good enough, too nervous; long time reunion, too happy; first practice, less skilled, nervous and stimulating, etc., are likely to lead to ejaculation too fast.

2, bad habits lead to some bad like, sometimes often see small yellow books, small yellow tablets to cause sexual excitement; or long-term over-indulgence, excessive masturbation.

Both of these behaviors will help to establish a ejaculation method of “fast ejaculation for pleasure.” Once this habit is established, it will be difficult to change it in the future.

In addition, passing through the tight underwear is also one of the culprit of the “second shot”.

Too tight underwear will often stimulate the glans. In the long run, the glans will become very sensitive, which will cause a “second shot.”

Also, too long foreskin will affect the sensitivity of the glans.

3, male diseases, some organic diseases, such as prostatitis, urethritis, seminal vesiculitis, sputum inflammation, etc., accompanied by inflammatory stimulation, so that the ejaculation center excitability is reduced, easy to erect and ejaculation fast.

4, Excited Excessive Excitability of the brain center is the “switch” to control ejaculation. The sexual center is gradually excited. The more sensitive the “switch” is, the shorter the sexual intercourse time is. On the contrary, when the sexual center is low, “sensitive”The response of the switch becomes sluggish and the longer the sexual intercourse.

What about always “second shot”?

Occasionally one or two “second shots” does not matter.

If you are affected by emotions, you will learn how to adjust your emotions during your sexual life. If you are affected by bad habits, you will insist on changing those bad habits in your daily life. If you are affected by diseases, you will treat diseases in a timely and positive manner.Ok, naturally it won’t happen again.

But if it is a regular second shot, then it is necessary to consider whether it is premature ejaculation.

Although “second shot” and “premature ejaculation” are strictly divided in definition, if it is habitually “second shot”, then consider whether the original judgment is correct.

If it is premature ejaculation, it must be treated in time.