Make your serum 200% effective

Make your serum 200% effective

For skin maintenance, the effect of the essence is very important. How to make your skin better absorb the essence, please see below.

  Q1: There are two types of Essence and Serum in English in the market. Are there any differences between them?

  A1: Both are essences. If they are to be divided, they are only slightly different. Usually, the essence is thinner and the serum is thicker.

  Q2: How should I choose the essence that suits me?

  A2: First of all, it should be based on the efficacy. Choose whitening, moisturizing or anti-wrinkle serum according to your preferences. Secondly, it should be based on the nature of the skin.Essence that shrinks pores; finally, it depends on the season. Generally, water-based essences are available in summer, while in winter, they tend to be thick emulsions.

  Q3: Can the serum be used often?


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  Q4: In the daily skin care step, where should I apply the essence?

  A4: After cleansing the face and applying lotion, the lotion can soften the skin, balance the skin’s pH, and help strengthen the absorption of the essence.

After the essence, apply another layer of lotion. Since the essence usually contains a lot of water, it is easy to volatilize and cause skin dryness, while the lotion can lock the moisture firmly.

  Q5: When is the best time to start using serum?

  A5: It is best to use it from the age of 23, because this age is the time when the skin can absorb nutrients, and it can more effectively prevent the skin from aging due to age.

If it is too late to use it after the age of 25, the skin quality at this time has begun to decline, and the application of serum can only maintain the level at that time, it is difficult to return to the previous state.