Ran for dozens of miles towards the southwest in one breath,After entering a forest,He was finally relieved。

This forest has a radius of about forty miles,if nothing unexpected happened,It should be possible to go to the territory of Xiangxi after walking through it.。
Walking in the forest,Chen Xiu couldn’t help but think of his black ape inner alchemy:“The power absorption method in the inner alchemy should be the same as that of Chiba fruit,As long as it is placed under the pubic area, it can be absorbed。
The power in the inner alchemy is no less than the power in the Chiba Fruit。I also refined the inner alchemy and estimated that Yijin Bone Forging Skill could break through to the fourth level.!
The fourth level of the Yi Jin Bone Forging Skill is equivalent to the cultivation base of the second-rate master in the 9th-grade True Qi cultivation base.。
I don’t know if I can even fight Wu Tingfang if I become the fourth layer of Yijin Bone Forging Skill.!”
Chen Xiu is thinking of inner alchemy,The more I think about it, the more excited,look around,You have to find a safe place to refine the inner alchemy before leaving,Suddenly I heard someone cry from the deep forest:“what?Footsteps over there,fast,Let’s go and see!”
With this voice,Chen Xiu immediately heard a few rustling footsteps in the forest,Coming straight towards myself。
Chen Xiu’s face changed slightly,Thought:“I was over excited for a while,Forgot to hide their footsteps so they found out。It’s not difficult to kill them,I’m afraid they will release arrows,Provoke those old monsters right away!”
Thinking,Three people rushed far away in the forest。These three people are all in gorgeous costumes,Let Chen Xiu think of Wu Tingfang at first sight。
One of the three has an eagle on his shoulder,Looks very spiritual。
“Like things together!”
“These people are probably old perverted men!”
Chen Xiu hides in the grass and observes the three carefully,I found that each of these three people has the strength of the seventh stage Great Perfection realm,There was a hostile spirit all over,Obviously a murderer。
The three of them looked around with shining eyes,A man said in a low voice:“Weird,Obviously heard footsteps here,Why no one?”Number seven
The other snorted:“You yelled from a distance,The fool knows he ran away。”
The person who spoke first snorted,Said very unconvinced:“Ancestors confessed,Let’s find Gu Rimou and the unknown kid,Found a reward。Of the three of us, my ears are naturally sharp,Old Hu’s little black eyesight,A running rabbit can be found high in the sky。It’s your old Jia,You have no abilities,Will follow us to grab merit,What right do you have to blame me!”
Lao Jia thrust the spear in his hand to the ground,“Bang”A loud noise,Outgoing miles away,For a long time,Even shrieked:“With my overlord gun,If Yang Jian is not convinced,,Let’s fight!”
Chen Xiu is hiding in the grass,I can’t help being surprised:“This person is a bit capable,Judging from his gunshot strength,Better than Liu Fengxing!”
The one with the eagle among the three has been silent,Raise your hand to interrupt the dispute between the two,Whispered:“Don’t make any noise,Are all for Wu Tingfang’s ancestor,You also know his old man’s temperament。If we find people a reward, it will be natural。If you mess up,We can’t get rid of!”