“Just,Please the master,Mix a few delicious meals,You think you are really their dog?Don’t live with us,Move away quickly,I feel ashamed。”Li Desheng on the side echoed,A look of anger。

Li Tianchou understood,All rectal,Take care of your eyes,I hope to reason with them,Some nonsense。Look at this posture,If you don’t move out,The other party will start fighting。
“I ask a few questions,If your answer is reasonable,I move away without a word,But if it doesn’t make sense,Then I can’t blame a few of them。The workers are there anyway,I’m not afraid of the reasoning。”Li Tianchou said and looked around for a week,Very calm。
“Paralyzed,And I told Lao Tzu about the conditions……”Li Desheng scolded and started,Was stopped by a big bear reaching out,“Ha ha,It’s really hard to use my brain。Yeah,I don’t bully,Take out your shit questions and ask,Big guys can say。”
Li Tianchou nodded,“the first,I want to ask everyone,Why do you work here??”
“Tease the three-year-old doll?Not for making money,Why did I run here??”Yan Kuan stared with contempt。The people who squatted on the ground watching the excitement also began to laugh,Obviously disagrees with Li Tianchou asking such a question。
Li Tianchou smiled sternly,Didn’t put the other party’s ridicule in his eyes,“Well,You tell me,Why can you make money?”
“You turned upside down and played crossword puzzles with me?Big bear,Stop talking with him,Let’s help him move。”Yan Kuan is very impatient,In his opinion, Li Tianchou is obviously amusing him。
Big bear frowned,Waved,“Keep your word,Let him ask。Kid,Back again,If you take time to tease me,You can think about the consequences。”
“Big Bear believes in words。I don’t have many questions,Finish soon。”Li Tianchou gave Big Bear a thumbs up,Repeat the question just now,“Who can answer?Why can I make money?”
“With my strength。”
“I can endure hardship,Know the technology……”
Everyone’s answers are similar,Li Tianchou couldn’t help nodding,“What everyone said is good,strength、craft,And the hardships and hard work of our rural people,These are our capital。But one day everyone will lose their capital,How can you make money??”
Big bear was taken aback,I don’t know what Li Tianchou means,The others are also looking at each other。
“Paralyzed,You kid just set up a stage to sing。God talks,Who do you think you are?Why am I being teased by you?Believe it or not, I will beat you now?”Li Desheng is speaking again,Li Tianchou frowned,I think this person is a little different from Yan Kuan,Always picking things up intentionally or unintentionally。
“Lao Tzu’s capital is the same as my life,Throw away the capital when you die。I don’t understand you,Bluff?”An old migrant worker asked with a grin。
“That’s right,Don’t be fooled。Quickly admit a mistake,Fuck off。”Someone in the crowd followed。