When thinking about trance,The fat guy by his side was struggling to sit up,He touched his forehead that had been simply bandaged,Look at Li Tianchou again,Suddenly look solemn,“Little brother,Thank you。”

“Easy work。”Li Tianchou waved his hand。
“no no,You are my savior。Although I am a rough person,But also know the truth,Please accept my thanks。”The fat man will turn over and kowto Li Tianchou。
Such a fortune surprised Li Tianchou,Heart,What age is this,Also pay attention to the bow bow,This person claims to be mixed in the mountains and forests,But the social habit is very heavy,Could it be that he is also a member of the gang or some armed forces entrenched in this area?And fluent Chinese,Is it a descendant of Chinese?Thought of this,But he is not slow,Pressed the fat man,“Neither of us belong to mother-in-law,Said it was a simple matter,No need to be so serious。”
But the fat guy is willing to obey,Struggling to kowtow,Helpless shoulder is pressed by the opponent,Lack of physical strength,Blushing and thick neck,Failed in the end,How angry ho ho ho ho。Li Tianchou helpless,Smile and let go,The fat man turned over,咣咣咣 is three rattles,Pan Lao was stunned,Then there was an inexplicable fear in his eyes。
Li Tianchou saw it,Can’t help but feel very strange,Does old man Pan know what,Or recognize this fat man?Why is there such an expression,I couldn’t control it,It’s interesting。He knows well the forbearance and performance of this cunning old man,Such a big failure,It can only show that the Fatty himself or the organization he belongs to is by no means comparable to ordinary small forces。
“Stop talking nonsense。According to your secret way,When will I arrive in Suri?”
“Don’t dare to hide it from the benefactor。”The middle-aged fat man turned red,Pointing at the desperate mountain road not far ahead,“Over the mountain,At the foot of the mountain is the path leading to Ba Mo and Suri,There is up to half a day to walk。”
Li Tianchou frowned,Inhale,Your uncle’s,The absolute height of this dangerous peak is at least more than kilometers,Don’t say it is burdensome,Just pack light and simple,It will take a lot of trouble,And I can’t afford to lose time。In this case, we must consider whether we must take Pan Lao by her side,Isn’t this for nothing?
The fat man saw that Li Tianchou’s face was not good,Fat face bulged for a long time, as if finally made up,He whispered worryingly,“Actually there is a small road,You can go around the left side of the foot of the mountain,Eliminate the pain of climbing,Can save more than a day,But it’s dangerous。”
“Oh?Tell me,What is the danger?”Li Tianchou suddenly came to mind。
“Actually,The path was safe before,But then I don’t know why there was an extra cemetery,In domestic terms, it is called a mass grave,Some ghostly incidents often happen,Plus a lot of poison,No one dared to leave。”
“Cemetery,How come out of a cemetery out of thin air?When did it happen?”Li Tianchou was curious,He looked at the mountains not far away,There is a large area on the left side of the foot of the mountain,Densely covered mountains,Rain and mist,It really is a dangerous place。
“I can’t tell,About two or three years ago,Found by a bunch of wandering Wa people,In the woods by the side of the road,There are a lot of bones。Many people in that group believe in Christ,Buried these bones,Also erected a cross。I thought it was a false alarm,But I didn’t expect that when these people returned,Passing by the forest again,Found that all the buried bones were dug out,The original cross was painted with black paint,Wicked,It is said that it is scary。