I saw those Jian Ying holding the sword grave ancient swords and the soul shadow ancient swords on the sword spirit dragon fighting together,Under the weird mist,Zhu Minglang feels like he accidentally broke into a thousand-year-old battlefield,The sound of war blades clashing together is noisy。

I wish Minglang noticed,Whether it is Jianying Ancient Sword or Soul Shadow Ancient Sword,They all want to integrate into their respective swordsmanship,As if there are really powerful swordsmen manipulating them with their minds!
Such a sight is really rare,I wish Minglang stand in this interlaced sword,My eyes swept across different ancient swords。
I was looking at the sketch on the ladder before,Now you can see the simple shadows of the ancients come back to life,Show yourself in front of yourself,Even many swordsmanships that have long been lost appear in this so-called“Sword Demon Battlefield”in。
I wish Minglang while watching,Some of the sleeping inscriptions of the sword spirit dragon are glowing,They make the sword body of the sword spirit dragon have some changes,The texture of the sword pattern above becomes clearer,As if flowing a trace of fire liquid,Just touch the air a little bit,Will be burned immediately!
Zhu Minglang saw a kind of ghost fire gradually igniting on the sword spirit dragon,Eyes suddenly lit up。
It is the new ancient sword that has awakened in the sword spirit dragon,This means that Zhu Minglang will gain another sword awakening power!
Those ancient swords,Some are broken swords,Some are rotten swords,Some are rusty as if they were not edged,But every collision and confrontation,All seem to be re-forging,Polished,Add fire,Put it in the furnace and let the sword body endure the scorching heat,Remove all impurities,Become extremely refined!
Fire mark,It is in such a fierce confrontation that constantly wakes up,Finally, the entire sword body of the sword spirit dragon became red,As if just taken out of the furnace,Those ghost fire patterns on the sword are like a thousand-year ghost fire evil spirit,Make the sword spirit dragon look more evil and mysterious!
When the flame is dazzling red,Wild、irritable,As if as long as one drop of red fire liquid touches the earth,Can turn the mountains and forests into ashes。
The flame will slowly go silent again,Turned into a kind of night demon fire,Ghostly Flame,Burning under Jiuyou,It’s the most yin and evil fire,But compared to the red fire,This kind of fire is more unstable,It always appeared briefly and was immediately replaced by that surging wanton fire。
“Is another inscription,It seems to be Huang Quanjian。”Zhu Minglang looks at the sword spirit dragon replacing the flame,Surprise gradually appeared on his face。
Jade Sword、Firescar、Huang Quanjian……
These swords are discarded swords that Zhu Minglang is very familiar with,They have their own names,But they are already rusty,When I was practicing in the abandoned sword forest,Zhu Minglang is very impressed with them!
of course,At that time, they were basically no different from scrap swords,The Jade Blood Sword does not drink blood,Sword body is red,Cut iron like mud,Sharp-edged,The Fire Scarred Sword is not swaying by this wild and manic fire,Vigorous and sunny,Enough to sear the whole earth。
same,Huang Quanjian doesn’t have this ghostly fire,Phantom of the sword,Filled with a strange breath,It’s like being immersed in the Nine Secluded Yantan under the Yellow Spring!
Suddenly awakened the soul of two ancient swords,Get two inscriptions,I wish Minglang very happy。