Where do you think you have to put this face?

So the official level can’t sit still,Called all the leaders of high-tech companies and the heads of various quantum science laboratories that participated in the cooperation before,Everyone sat down to discuss how to deal with the challenges from China。
To be blunt can actually explain directly。
Although the kids usually have a little friction,But in an environment where Big Brother leads,The friction within my own brother is within the controllable range,It’s over。
But when the gang is challenged from outside,As the eldest brother,Said something。
“Everyone stop making trouble,Put down internal disputes first,Let’s kill the enemy outside first.,Otherwise, how will you mess up with no face and no lining??”
This is probably the truth,Of course the situation will be much more complicated at this level。
Such as before the meeting,Although all the big guys are very gentlemanly,Everyone talking about the good weather,Talking about food,Talking about where the beach scenery is better,Whose newly bought yacht is particularly stylish,But when the meeting got into the topic,That kind of rattling atmosphere came out。
The first issue is Microsoft。
Speaking of Satya·Nadella has been suffocated recently。
From the day Ge Lingyue visited Europe and America,This anger has not disappeared。
A few meanings?Just say what you mean。
Changxiang Technology throws out the fleshy bone of Xin system open source,The so-called allies rushed to grab food like dogs。
Especially Google。
Apple needs Xin system to sell products,Satya·Nadella can still understand。
But Google does not need to rely on the Xin system to survive,Actually took the initiative to help Xin system promote the Microsoft home games in Europe and America。
Who can stand this??
Especially the current president of Google Sundar·Pichai is still his Indian fellow。
It’s fine if you don’t help,This kind of critical time actually drags Microsoft back,Just say Satya·Should Nadella get angry?Almost mad!
“First of all, I think before discussing how we should deal with the threat of the breakthrough progress of quantum computers,Shouldn’t we discuss those for a little bit of profit,Behind the enemy’s behavior?”