Xia Qiuping took a look,Anxious,Hold Xia Shuyue’s hand,“Do not fight,Book month,Do not fight。”

Xia Shuyue stared at her sister,“What are you afraid of,He dare to eat me?I still don’t believe it!”
“I beg you,Do not fight,Forget it。”Xia Qiuping’s voice trembled,My hand pressed my sister forcefully。
Xia Shuyue can’t bear it anymore,She loves her sister,I’m afraid she will hurt the wound,“Good,You sit,I don’t fight,I won’t fight。”
Xia Qiuping just sat down,Gulping tea,Say nothing,Look at the ground。
Xia Shuyue sat next to her,“I remember the relationship between you and brother-in-law has always been very good,How could this be?”
Xia Qiuping sighed,Moist fundus,“Yes,Our relationship is very good,but,That’s the old thing,Different now。”
088 Cowardly sister 2
“how,My brother-in-law changed heart?Have an affair?”
“That’s not,”Xia Qiuping shook her head,“Can’t blame him,He just wanted a baby all the time。”
“You should have a baby at your age,Then you give him one。”
“I don’t want to give birth,Was pregnant once before,It’s four or five months,I do not know how it is,The fetus stops developing,Finally had a miscarriage,Since,How many times i got pregnant,Ended up having a miscarriage。”
“what?if so,Should be actively treated,Because he is still a doctor,Hit you just for this?”Secretary Xia really didn’t know that my sister still suffered these things,Sad。
“That’s not all the problem,Now they work under a lot of pressure,He could be promoted,But because there is no background,Been liked several times,He’s so angry。”Xia Qiuping explained。
“Cannot be promoted,I went home to vent my anger with my wife?”Xia Shuyue became even more angry when she heard it。
“Is not,Is not,He is busy at work all day,And tired and upset,and so,We always quarrel without a few words,Long time,It turned into a fighting,No one will let anyone,That’s all。”
“You are obviously cowardly,He was beaten like this,Still protecting him,”Xia Shuyue said with an iron face,“Let him live alone from now on,The house I rent is quite spacious,You live with me,I happen to have a companion。”