“You said that several of Dongying’s auto manufacturing companies are willing to give us OEM?”Chen Geng was a little surprised,This situation is a bit beyond Chen Geng’s imagination,He originally thought it would be difficult to find a suitable foundry。

“Not only willing to give us OEM,And they are very sincere,After knowing the general data of our sports car,Toyota said that if the number of foundries we give can reach3Ten thousand,Then the cost of transformation of the production line、Customized special measuring tools、The cost of fixtures and testing equipment are borne by themselves,And the foundry cost of each car is9000USD;If it’s 50,000,They can keep this price down to8800USD。
In addition, Toyota strongly recommends us to use their engine and gearbox,Say if we use their Toyota engine and Toyota Holdings:Five-speed manual transmission produced by Aisin Seiki,They can further lower the foundry price8500USD,And it’s CIF。”
8500USD,And it’s the CIF price after arriving at the U.S. port,For a price at12000For a dollar car,It means that Fernandez does nothing.,A car can make a net profit at least1500USD,Is indeed very tempting。
Chen Geng stroked his chin,nod:“This is really sincere。”
Toyota’s offer is indeed very sincere,According to the bicycle manufacturing cost calculated by Fernandez,By annual output5000To calculate the size of the vehicle,The production and manufacturing cost of each car requires approximately11000USD,There is no way at this cost12000Sale at a dollar price,Because if the terminal price is set at12000USD,The dealer has no profit at all。
But if it is8500USD,There is too much room for manipulation,For example, if Chen Geng is willing to reduce his profit,Give dealers more profits,To make more money,The dealer will definitely try his best to buy a car;For example, Chen Geng can set up a stepped sales incentive plan,Such as selling10Car,Bicycle profit is2000USD,But if you sell20Car,Bike profits will rise to2200USD……Let the dealer know that the sales volume of the car is not proportional to the profit.,But gradually,Do everything possible to mobilize the enthusiasm of dealers。
“right?And Toyota promised,Can provide us with the most5Annual production capacity of 10,000 vehicles……of course,For a roadster,It’s basically impossible。”Rosemary says。
of course,Not even Rosemary thinksmiataAnnual sales can exceed 10,000,Even ifmiataLess than one4Rice、A very small and exquisite convertible sports car,But even if you look at the world,There has never been a sports car with annual sales of more than 10,000——Toyota doesn’t think Fernandez’s name ismiataThe annual sales of the convertible sports car can exceed 10,000,The reason why they gave an annual production share of 50,000 vehicles,More to show your attitude。
Since Toyota made such an offer,Chen Geng is even more curious about what kind of offer Honda will give——The current Honda is still waiting for Fernandez to help。
“Honda’s offer is similar to Toyota,According to different capacity,The price of bicycles is tens to more than 100 dollars lower than Toyota,But the offer from a company scared me a bit。”
“Oh?”Chen Geng raised his eyebrows,He is really curious,Which company’s offer will scare the knowledgeable Miss Rosemary?
“Mazda,”Rosemary says:“When I talked to Mazda,They said that if we can give an annual OEM quota of 10,000,And guarantee that there will be so many every year for the next five years,They are not only willing to undertake the transformation of the production line and custom special molds、Measuring tool、Cost of fixtures and testing equipment,And lowered the offer to every car8000USD,And it is also CIF。”
“Holding grass!”Chen Geng was a little scared。
He was shocked, not because of the foundry offer from Mazda,But……Holding grass!Going around,Where is Mazda finally??
First316chapter About to set a record
Rosemary didn’t know that her boss was full of“Holding grass!it’s fate!”Such thoughts,I simply thought that Mazda’s offer shocked the boss,Have a sad heart:“right?I was actually shocked when I heard this quote,But after listening to Mazda’s explanation,I think this offer is still possible,Also in this meeting,Zida proposed another cooperation plan……”
“Another cooperation plan?What cooperation plan?”Chen Geng asked casually。
“Mazda wants our authorization,Allow them to stick their own brand to produce this car……”