Break through the eight health lies

Break through the eight health “lies”

Uncover the rumors that have deceived us for many years.
We have always thought that a very healthy lifestyle may not be healthy. We must know some of the secrets of it. Widely spread theories may not be scientific, such as the sebaceous glands of the skin will secrete sebum to maintainThe skin is moist and shiny. When excess sebum and dead skin clog pores, the skin will swell, red, and acne.
Foreign media recently pointed out the eight health “lies” often heard in life.
.hzh{display:none;}  1、千万别吞口香糖  据说口香糖在人体内停留7年才能被消化。In fact, the ingredients of chewing gum are just flavors, sweeteners, softeners and gum bases.
The human body can easily digest the first three ingredients. The gum base is indeed difficult to digest, but like cellulose, it can pass through the digestive system safely-it is excreted in two to three days.
  2. Do not swim for half an hour after a meal. Swimming will cause the risk of abdominal cramps, but for most people, it is not dangerous.
After a meal, the body does “call up” the blood from the muscles to the gastrointestinal system to help digestion, but it does not impair the motor function of the muscles.
As long as you feel comfortable with your body, you can go swimming.
Athletes will eat something before the game. 3. Cold weather makes people cold. The culprit that causes colds is viruses, not cold weather.
The germs are transmitted mainly through droplets produced by coughing or sneezing in colds.
A cold can be caused by shaking hands with a patient or touching items contaminated with it.
In the cold season, people stay indoors for a long time, creating conditions for the spread of the virus, so there are more people with a cold.
  4, pinching the joint is easy to get arthritis, there is a lubricant called collagen between the joints.
When pinching the knuckle, it is equivalent to pulling the two phalanges at the switch knuckle, which means that the collagen fluid needs to fill a larger space.
Therefore, the liquid pressure of the collagen solution is reduced, and the small air bubbles in the liquid burst out and rupture, so it makes a noise.
Of course, bubble burst and arthritis are not the same thing.
However, pinching the knuckles frequently can cause damage to the joints and fingers.
  5. Eating fried foods will cause acne. The sebaceous glands of the skin will secrete sebum to maintain the skin’s moisturization and luster. When excess sebum and dead skin block the pores, the skin will swell and red, and acne will appear.
At present, medicine has not yet figured out why the sebaceous glands secrete excess sebum, but imbalance of hormone levels, stress and genetic factors are the biggest “suspects”.
But it has nothing to do with chocolate and fried food.
  6, coffee hangover drunk people no matter how much coffee, soda and other drinks do not become awake, the only hangover medicine is “time”.
The human liver can only metabolize a certain amount of alcohol per hour (12 ounces of beer, 6 ounces of wine, or 1.
5 ounces of spirits).
If you drink too much alcohol, alcohol can accumulate in your body.
Caffeine is exciting and inhibits the calming effects of alcohol to some extent, but it has no effect on the alcohol content in the blood.
  7, love sweets susceptible to ADHD 多 Although high-calorie sweets do not have much nutritional value, easily lead to obesity, but not to induce ADHD.
吃糖果的孩子吵闹不安多半是因为想多吃一些,并不是因为糖果让其多动  8、多喝骨头汤补钙  多喝骨头汤补钙是不科学的,骨头在煮的过程中,钙是In the combined state, it is rarely dissolved in water to form free calcium, and the soup contains very little calcium, so the bone soup cannot be good for calcium supplementation.