Anyang City police fully maintained the stability of enterprises in the jurisdiction

Active pro-enterprise, strengthen contact communication. Give full play to the advantages of the police station close to the masses and social contact, the responsibility of intelligence information is implemented to the first-line police. Through the community police to visit the company, actively take the initiative to communicate with the jurisdiction, timely understand the needs of the enterprise, and strive to shorten the distance of the police and enterprises, and the relationship between the police and enterprises; while active strengthening the key enterprises and production and operation activities in the jurisdiction The company’s contact, establish a police enterprise-related system, and timely discovery that the vulnerabilities and weak links in operation, management and internal security prevention are provided to provide information on information consultation, prevention guidance, legal aid, etc. Fully protect the enterprise and insist on prevention and control. Unexpectedly, the special action of rectifying the public security environment around the enterprise is not regularly placed on the public and universal environment around the enterprise. It is always-time to listen to the reflection of public security issues. Timely public security rectification, and strive to combat all kinds of invaded enterprises.

Establish a police officer-related patrol mechanism, through the establishment of a full-scale, three-dimensional patrol prevention and control system combined with the internal security patrols of the police, gradually establish the patrol mechanism of "public security main arrest" and factory-owned enterprises.

Carefully served enterprises, implement the on-site service.

Through in-depth visits, conscientiously organize enterprise safety inspections with fire prevention, anti-theft and anti-accidents, focus on various social contradictions and instability factors in the jurisdiction, and to divert their efforts, and the units of unstable factors. Enterprises have intervened in advance, and timely eliminate safety hazards, ensuring safety production and operation of enterprises in jurisdiction.

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